the online
absence manager
and holiday planner

Benefits for Management

cost savings mean a significant ROI

  • Complete operational visibility for informed decision making and overall business performance analysis
  • Morale is improved, absenteeism is reduced, and performance and retention are increased.
  • Planning, management and administration requires less management time and focus, saving costs
  • Overtime and agency costs are minimised
  • Staff deployment is optimised, for greater productivity and service delivery.
  • Reduces costly administration
  • Minimises the impact of absence on productivity
e-days features
  • Improve holiday request/authorisation processes
  • Monitor and reduce absenteeism
  • Decrease wasteful time spent by HR completing time consuming administration
  • Utilise powerful reporting; on-page, graphical and exportable
  • Fast and easy deployment: no hardware/software installation
  • Secure usage anywhere with internet connectivity
  • Flexible, scalable and cost effective