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e-days for Universities

the perfect absence management solution for educational institutions.

Whether you’re a school, a college or a university, e-days can help you improve absence management processes and reduce absenteeism. With several institutions already on board, including well known universities and colleges, e-days has a proven track record in helping to streamline processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Both planned and unplanned absence can be managed with e-days, but more often than not, it’s the unplanned, sickness absences which are the most important to schools and universities to get a hold of.

High levels of absence can not only have an effect on the financial position of a school, but also on the ethos and atmosphere, and on the attitudes, motivation and achievement of employees and students.Such costs and the consequent effect on the operation can be reduced where there is an effective policy on sickness Absence Management and reasonable, consistent procedures on implementing the policy for all employees.

Once the procedures are in place the first step towards managing sickness is to identify and assess the current levels that exist within your school. For this you need information. E-days provides on demand access to all the necessary data and a variety of reports and tools to analyse and identify trends.

Employees highlighted as giving cause for concern could then be invited to a meeting with a manager for remedial action. In many cases, the knowledge that absences are being monitored and that meetings will take place is enough to encourage employees to improve their attendance.

If you’re a school, college or university looking to improve absence management processes and reduce absenteeism, then E-days is the solution for you; no matter how big or complex your institution is.

e-days features
  • Improve holiday request/authorisation processes
  • Monitor and reduce absenteeism
  • Decrease wasteful time spent by HR completing time consuming administration
  • Utilise powerful reporting; on-page, graphical and exportable
  • Fast and easy deployment: no hardware/software installation
  • Secure usage anywhere with internet connectivity
  • Flexible, scalable and cost effective